The Vocal Booth in Chicago

Full Production: 

This involves the arranging, tracking and editing of all instruments and vocals. The final steps are mixing and mastering.

Additional Production:

If you’ve already recorded most or part of your song, but need those finishing touches to make it really stand out, then this is your solution.

Vocal Coaching and Production:

Pete has produced and coached hundreds of vocalists. Being a vocalist himself he has a unique perspective on vocal recording and he strives to capture vocals which balance unbridled emotion with technical excellence. Listen...



This involves taking your pre-existing tracks and carefully blending them using the latest techniques of equalization, compression, and the use of ambient and special effects to create “radio ready” mixes.


Customized Songwriting: 

If you are a singer or aspiring artist but don’t write, or perhaps you just have some lyric or melodic ideas, we can help you develop, finish and polish them into a quality song. We also custom write songs for artists based on their personal experiences and their unique singing style. Each song is personalized for the artist.


This involves putting the finishing touches on your existing mixes, making them punchy, clear and loud. Finally we meticulously balance the level, color and timing between each track of a full album. For more information...


Voice Over and Jingles:

The use of state of the art pre-amps and high end tube microphones guarantee a pristine signal path for any kind of commercial voice over work. Time stretching and editing are available for exact timing applications. Custom music of all styles can be created for your specific needs.  Cross country clients can sit in on the talent’s session via telephone or Skype.

The Control Room, Chicago

Digital Editing:

Editing of full sessions, individual tracks, or final mixes including form changes, pitch shifting and correction, time alignment, sample replacement (live drums and midi files), and drum track correction.

Top Session players: 

We have great working relationships with many of the finest session players in the country and employ their services frequently on our client’s projects.



Based on the services required either an hourly or project rate will apply.  Contact us for a free consultation and for specifics on pricing.